Technical Requirements

These are technical requirements for #CIJSummer 2016. The 2017 requirements will appear shortly. 
Please use the information below as a guide. 

There are lots of hands-on classes taking place at the #CIJSummer Conference 2016.

You do not need to have your laptops for the classes taking place in computer labs (PSH116, PSH104 and PSH 105).

However, there are some classes where laptops are required in order to be able to learn hands-on.

1. Tableau data Viz 1+2 - Thu 14 July at 13:20 and Fri 15 July 9am

Please bring your own laptop.
Please download Tableau Public (a completely free product) from (on this page people can see the operating system requirements).
To save time saving your work (and not get stuck on slow wifi) it would be great if attendants create a Tableau Public profile before the conference as well. To do this go to and click on ‘Sign In’ in the upper right hand corner and then select ‘Create and Account’ (though this can be done in the class).
The datasets will be provided and the trainers will go through it all at the start of the class.

2. Open Refine
Please bring your own laptop.
If you don't have Open Refine, the session will still be useful - you can just watch. But if you want to follow along and start getting to grips with OpenRefine go to this page and choose the installation kit which fits your needs - Windows/Mac/Linux.

3. Introduction to data scraping for journalists
Please bring your own laptop.